Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day Three: Muddling

I also want to take and post a photo per day.  Here's today's.  But why so much darker here than on my phone?
Another slow start complicated by a kid who unexpectedly needed me and before that, I woke to news that threw me.

Today I decided that I had to put all of my efforts in one basket.  Consolidate my energy--have I ever said that in my life?  I have to submit a completed book by the end of February.  Right now, I have about 70 pages of that book.  And I don't know if those pages are any good.

How do you deal with self doubt?

Tomorrow:  more pages, which will be trickier, as I return to work.  Still, I must write.  I absolutely have to.  Okay?  OKAY??


  1. I'm filled with self-doubt today too, and so far, the only thing that's helped is to try and dance it off.

    You gave me a shock. That woman looks just like my mother when she was younger.

  2. I can see that, Geo! i'm going to try dancing. Thanks! (I love a good big furry hat, don't you?)

  3. the subject of this photo is beautiful. she looks like retro-winter barbie or something.