Thursday, August 30, 2012

where breath most breathes: a few good things

me & motherboy

today was serene.

but on the slim chain of serenity, a few gems shone out:

1.  the sky was notable--brilliant blue foregrounded with dark clouds that stretched and clustered, trying to rain, but the sky was so bright.  all day shadows came and went at surprising times.

2.  these lines, from shakespeare's sonnet 81:  "when all the breathers of this world are dead:/ you still shall live, such virtue hath my pen,/ where breath most breathes, e'en in the mouths of men."


3.  artisan shaved ice at yuki ice.  all the local food blogs have mentioned this place in the past few weeks, for good reason--fresh syrups made with locally grown produce (so, since we live in the mountains, no pineapple or coconut) such as nectarines, roasted poblanos, cucumbers, peaches, home-brewed rootbeer, etc.  i'm in love.  the flavors are clear and full, just lightly enhanced with cane sugar and a little citrus where needed.  so rare to find such naked yet powerful flavor in such a simple, unassuming format.

half nectarine, half mojito

i had nectarine (so nectariney!).

i'm trying currant and orange flesh melon next time
cecily had cucumber (so cucumberish!), and we sampled the jalapeno, poblano, and rootbeer.  cecily's favorite flavors were the jalapeno and the cucumber.

moses had fresh lime.

we sat on the grass and looked at the sky for a little after dinner outing. 

4. washed, dried folded & put away 5 loads of laundry.

5.  read two chapters from coleridge's biographia literaria.  i may have lost some of my grad student chops; working on getting them back.

6.  made it to day six of my "21 oms" mediation practice.  trying for 40 days.

7.  practiced yoga with monica.  she has the yogic spirit, and i always feel a significant sense of grounding when i come from her class.

heidi braids

8.  did cecily's hair this morning.  i've been a bad hair mom.  i vow to do better.

9.  lots and lots and lots of lipstick, to give me a little boost.

10.  dinner on the back porch.  finnish dish, but with a little dolling up:  i added fresh taragon from our neighbor's garden and some roasted baby heirloom tomatoes.  simple and good.

11. had a poem come out today in the innisfree poetry journal.

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