Tuesday, May 27, 2014

searching for focus: an inspiration board

inspirations: watching chef gerardo cook a la minute at el rey
last week i pronounced and announced that i was going to go full on d.i.y.  since then i've done:

yep.  that's it.

inspirations: beautiful avocado with chimichurri sauce at el rey
there are reasons.

inspirations:  ingrid
i'm recovering from travels that were so rad but also a bit taxing.

inspirations: ingrid, saddle shoes, bee dresses, and the philadelphia magic gardens
i'm dealing with a rather large brood of children.

inspirations:  cecily, huber farm in midway, picnics
i'm still getting my strength back from being sick and injured for a really long time.

inspiration:  my doppel at the philly magic gardens
i'm trying to get some really crucial and non-fun stuff done, like finalizing formatting on my dissertation for the dissertation office (you who have done it can sympathize, i'm sure.)

inspiration: cy twombly room at the philadelphia museum of art: fifty days at illiam
and also re-watching the entire bbc pride and prejudice (it's like eight hours, people!) with ingrid.  so fun!  so crucial!

mary shelley in london before writing frankenstein by karen kilimnik
job applications, laundry, bathroom cleaning, doctors' appointments, end of school year kids stuff.  most of you know.

inspiration: this beautiful jumble of stuff from ingrid's dorm room that she had to get rid of to make room for her new life as a sister.  lavender fascinator, white cowgirl boots, gross vintage fox stole, record shelves.  if she can transition, so can i.
a dull list of dullness.

christian and julie at the new museum.  christian has such smart working ways.  julie has such fun living ways.
my main problem, though, is where to start?  i just wrote down all of my ideas, and opened a google doc for each.  i also have things i started that i need to finish (two of my biggest problems are focusing on one thing and finishing things).  so i have eight new google docs, blank, with titles.

inspiration: a mermaid against misogyny sighting at philly magic gardens.
i'm overwhelmed with ideas and idle fantasies, but no practical sense of how to prioritize or where to start.

inspiration: hivemind. these are ingrid's beehives at bryn mawr.
sorry if this is boring.

inspiration: the cloisters at bryn mawr.  i need to find my meditative space.
i'm really stuck in the middle right now.

inspiration:  feminism & motherhood, mothers, female divine, jesus, skeletons, intersectional feminism, activists.
luckily i know this has happened before, and i've always eventually found my way--this just feels long and agonizing at the moment.

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