Monday, March 3, 2014

Practice: Out Of--PLUS What I Wear (Almost) EVERYday

This is from H&M. Zipper back. Fake tweed. It's just polyester with a tweed surface treatment. No big deal.
Well, my lovely co-blogger gave me some blogging tips. One of them led me to this photograph. I think on this blog I'm only going to put on my Facebook.

Would you like to see the top half of my winter uniform?

I was heartened to see peplums on the Oscars' red carpet last night (JLaw, yo!), because it made me feel like my peplum top, bought last winter is perhaps not so tired. A relief!--as I literally wear it almost everyday to work with skinny cord jeans and sometimes my hideous, crusty snow boots, when apropos (sic?).

It does not feel like spring will ever come to NYC.

So my practice continues into March. I'm trying to get a meditation habit going. I was up to seven minutes, but I've gone so many days without practicing, I feel like I almost need to start over.

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