Thursday, September 4, 2014

Minimal After Work Rambling (Trying to Stay Connected to Lara and Our Blog)

Again, work.

I feel like I'm in the mines. 

I push my bike home against traffic.

I think about words that I never get to write down. 

I press my face up against bookstore windows.

My dangling helmet drops off and crashes to the cement. 

I wear it, compromised. Dirty.

I'm reading a lot of women writers this year. I read two back to back, set in the 1970s. Both depict the decade as pretty crummy: one urban, the other--white trash suburban. Both respective authors (Dylan Landis and Darcey Steinke) sketch out the decade as bad for girls. Darcey Steinke, the author of Sister Golden Hair is on Twitter, waiting for my review. Well, i'm hoping she is. I tweeted I was reading it. And she tweeted back that she was happy I was reading. She interviewed Kurt Cobain in the '90s and her '70s novel is full of rock references. Really though, she just mentions Skynyd, the Allman Brothers and Cher, over and over again.

Darcey Steinke, born in 1962. I met her at the Book Expo and she was so nice. I doubt she remembers me.

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