Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tuesday: library clothes at the library

Don't tell me I can't wear my Judas Priest belt to the library.
If I hadn't been doing this blog with Lara, there is no way I would have opened a Google doc at the reference desk, between being asked by students how to find their text books tonight, and started a story based on something silly I did in Salt Lake City in 1990. 

Already, this blog is motivating--even at my most frenzied and exhausted.

Self-portrait above from my bike about to take off for my second work gig of my Tuesday. 

Reading Kate Atkinson's Like Life, a narrative that keeps restarting like this day.

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  1. Ya! Cuz wasn't Judas Priest, like, one of the heros of one of the biggest novels in that place? DUH!