Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fat Magic

Lara, I wrote in the lobby of the Ace Hotel today after an appt in that part of town, but this table was full, so I had to sit in a chair.

Oddly, I was never approached about buying anything.

I then went and looked at a sad Fat Tuesday king cake at Whole Foods.   All of their boxed King Cakes looked as if they all completed a full night of Bourbon Street partying.  The box indicated there was a baby to be discovered in each one, though.

After this, I took my heavy, heavy laptop to yet another cafe where I added more words.

The Fat Tuesday plans we had with friends at the Great Jones Cafe got cancelled due to illness.  Too bad--they had beads, king cake AND a crawfish boil.  Last year, the place was mobbed by six.

Think I'm going to walk over and get a big cajun pizza at Two Boots to bring home, then I'll hop over to this Andy Kaufman thing a bit later.

Trying to keep the magic going, L!

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