Monday, February 11, 2013

Searching for Frontman

 Thinking today about talent /proficiency versus spirit/effort.

Wondering if I've been worrying too much about the former and not enough about the latter regarding my novel.

I was thinking about this all in light of this "Frontman Wanted" flier.  Oh, why always a dude?  Can't a girl channel Iggy/Darby/Gibby?  I know I've always wanted to, tried to in my own small, unassuming ways.

For Halloween in the '80s, I really, really wanted to be Jim Morrison for Halloween and everyday, but did not have the necessary licorice-legged black leather pants.

One last fashion week photo.  Wouldn't it be nice to have one eye-catching statement bag?  And really, it was too cold of a day to go without socks.

Tights: Grey
Inspiration:  Sonic Youth, No Wave, Cacaphony

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  1. the colors at the bottom of the outfit are so happily combined--love the warm tomato bag against the cool robin's egg shoes and teal green pant.