Sunday, February 3, 2013


from the christmas card that never got sent. 50 of them are sitting right next to me as we speak.

i'm in one of those agoraphobic, anhedonistic moods:  don't want to get up, do work, talk to anyone, leave the house, etc. 

i try to resist getting too deep into this mode.

i already told you about s.o.l.e.

next week i need to focus on some really specific goals and getting back into the routine of the practices that keep my own personal black, panting dog at bay.

so here's the plan:

1) yoga on tuesday, thursday, & friday.

2) meeting with special collections librarian on thursday to work on my mapping salt lake city project.

3) work on two poetry commissions. finish one of them!  (it's already late.)

4) meet with committee chair.

5) submit poems to ten places.

what are your plans for the week?

how do you keep the black dog at bay?


  1. Oh, Lara, I'm so sorry about your week. Oddly, mine was also the dog.

    Keeping my hands busy while hiding out helped--making a stab at learning some elementary classical guitar techniques, and starting one of these:

    Other recommended therapies: walking across a frozen lake, making snow angels, staring at yellow flowers, letting it be okay to not talk, eating greens, drinking flower tea, dreaming up an art project, watching and

    Black dog bites are the worst. Feel better soon. xo

  2. thanks, georgia. your wisdom is always taken to heart! i will attempt at least a few of these suggestions. flower tea sounds really good right now!