Wednesday, August 27, 2014

accountable to cyberplace

i wore my favorite betsey johnson nightgown for reading time, and my favorite target merona black dress for writing time.  i think a peignor set would be more inspiring, though.  like proust, i work best in bed.  i'm not going to be ashamed of that no more.  no more.
in an effort to be true to my new schedule of uber-productivity, here's today's report.  on wednesday 27 august 2014 i:
  • wrote the poem "oh sweet friends. . . "
  • wrote the poem "she was a thing of trophies. . . "
  • wrote the poem "this world pays dividends. . . ."
  • read part one of charles olson's call me ishmael
  • read chapter 15, "chowder" from moby dick
  • read chapter 16, "the ship" from moby dick
  • read "unconscious came a beauty," "catbird in a redbud," and "gometrid" from may swenson's iconographs
  • wrote this blog post
unfinished on today's list (i still might get there)
  • re-submit to (great!) journal who rejected me last week but said to send them something else
  • spend 45 minutes finalizing edits on lapidary's nosegay

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