Friday, August 29, 2014

long work day, quick blog post

so rad.  literally.

my report for friday 29 august 2014:


  • finished part 2 of charles olson's call me ishmael
  • read "resisting amnesia: history and personal life," adrienne rich's 1983 speech at scripps college collected in blood, bones, and poetry
  • read audre lorde's poem "afterimages"
  • read sandra tsing loh's essay "the bitch is back" from the best american essays 2012, ed. david brooks
  • read chapter 83, "jonah historically regarded," and "the doubloon" from moby dick
  • wrote the poem "from the sun. . . " 
  • wrote the poem "god's world is nothing. . . "
  • FINISHED revising the lapidary's nosegay, and i must never touch it again until it is in press
  • submitted the lapidary's nosegay for publication with two days to spare before deadline passes

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