Thursday, August 28, 2014

what i wore & a report

weird picture.  sorry.  i wanted to show you that i cast off my mom clogs in favor of h&m booties (see clogs in background), my proustian bed desk (i must work on making it more sumptuous), and that i'm still wearing tons of leopard.  also, i must get rid of that hideous red polka-dotted phone case. 

today, on thursday 28 august 2014:
  • read most of section 2 from charles olson's call me ishmael
  • read eula biss' essay "the pain scale" from the best creative nonfiction, vol. 1, edited by lee gutkind
  • read chapter 17, "the ramadan," chapter 10 "a bosom friend," chapter 4 "the counterpane," and chapter 11, "nightgown," from moby dick.
here's what olson says about melville, and i find it highly applicable.  if you're a writer, you might also find resonance here:

he [melville] was a skald, and knew how to appropriate the work of others.  he read to write.  highborn stealth, edward dahlberg calls originality, the act of a cutpurse autolycus who makes thefts as invisible as possible.  melville's books batten other men's books.

  • wrote the poems "we are all dreadfully cracked. . . ", "but what is worship?",  and "there you lie. . . ."
  • wrote blog post
  • re-submitted to rad journal who asked for more work
  • submitted to new journal, work never before submitted
not done
  • manuscript editing on the lapidary's nosegay.  the fourteenth day in a row this has been on my list and has not been touched.  
p.s. in addition to wearing this outfit to blog in, i'll be wearing it to a parent-teacher conference in which we discuss the issue of my child drawing a mustache and beard on his face with marker at school yesterday, to neylan mcbaine's women at church book release at zion's books, and to the opening of tamarack, a new provo restaurant, which i will review if all goes well.  and finally, to watch the dita von teese episode of project runway later on tonight. 

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