Friday, August 29, 2014

Flailed and Felt

I love this woman's hair and fashion sense. She's a McNally Jackson regular.
 I haven't been as productive as Lara.

After a late night Thurs at the ref desk, I had to be at another ref desk at the crack of dawn.

But that meant I could go straight from work to McNally Jackson for a spell. I went all last year on Fridays.

I did a little work on my novella there. I really tried to concentrate on writing sentences I wouldn't be embarrassed to read out loud. That was my central criterion today.

Later, I decided, like Lara, I needed some outside inspiration, so put on a Nirvana concert from '92. During that concert, a boy dancer danced on stage--a planned addition, he flailed and felt the music. Beautiful and unnecessary, auxiliary. Also, unchoreographed and messy. I tried to write a story using that as its overarching aesthetic.

Here's another self portrait! Soon I'll have enough for my own coffee table book of selfies, a la Kim Kardashian (I'm not even joking). Hopefully, that will be the last time I refer to a Kardashian on this blog.
Me, trying to look as cool as the woman pictured above.
Waiting endlessly for my kid to "get ready," I wrote by hand and I liked it.

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