Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lara and I are Doing this Thing

This was good, Lara.
Because we miss blogging together.

And we want to keep track of each other. We have stuff we need to do, and get done.

Getting it done has been hard.

So we wanted to check in with each other, but do it in public, where we'd have lots of people judging us.


Here's what I did today:

Worked on my Novella. There's a little lit rag that has an annual novella contest. I've been wanting to enter for years.

I decided working on just one thing for this first day of blogging was good.

I started at Rosella Coffee. Terrible music. No bathroom. Really good iced Americano.

I did not order anything from this menu today.
I wore the outfit that I wore on my birthday morning. Channeling good creative things from that day, even though I was already hot and sweaty in the am. (Also, channeling Patti Smith on the cover of Easter.)

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  1. OK, I have to say something – finally – about this necklace(s?) that keeps appearing in your pictures this summer ... I'm dying to get a closer look at it – can you make that happen for me? And tell me the story of it? Is it a locket? An agate? A glass lens? etc... I've actually been losing a little bit of sleep over it! Thanks! Big Luv, T.