Thursday, August 28, 2014

Another Awkward Outfit Self Portrait

I think I'm too old for the word "selfie."


Well, the first thing I did today was take this super awkward house mirror self-portrait. Today's writing outfit: my favorite t-shirt I swiped in from a boyfriend in San Francisco in 1987.

Maybe he gave it to me.

Twenty-seven years later, it's threadbare, delicate, a spider's web. On the front are the words "White Light/White Heat" and "Velvet Underground." On the back is screenprinted the name "Johnny Thunders," former guitarist for the NY Dolls.

But I don't have to tell you that.

And it was cool enough for a pleather skirt. (I meant weather wise, but the pronoun reference is ambiguous enough to work the other way.)

The day declined from here. I got little work done. I was obligated to be at home to wait for a plumber. Tried to write, but then did things like organize the chips drawer. I hate to say it--but we have a chips drawer.

People ask me why I write in coffee shops. This is why.

Then the plumber came and I had to summon children from their beds at the rock and roll hour of noon.

School has not started yet.

So I took my children on a good old-fashioned urban outing.  It had been awhile since my teen had appeared in public with me. Although I probably wrote about 200 words today, that part was  nice.

Late workin' tonight, after late rockin' last night, during which I heard this song:

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