Sunday, February 23, 2014

Practice: Just Food. No Big Deal.

Chef Gerardo Gonzales had just made a sauce verte with that mortar and pestle.
I've been going to this cafe in my neighborhood almost every day. Sometimes I just get a drink or pastry. Lately, I've been wanting to try out everything on the cafe's new food menu. This chef here above, twice in a row, has augmented whatever I order with a salad on the house: once jicama, once kale (with chopped peanuts).

His food is brilliant. He's completely sweet and unpretentious, a graduate of Culinary Arts Academy in Napa, CA. He built a highly revered restaurant's brunch menu and put in their garden. His menu at this cafe is grain and veg heavy because, he said, after putting in the garden, he had such a respect for vegetables. 

Anyway, it's one of the bright spots in a cold winter where there's not been a lot of movement in my life. No huge breakthroughs. I still haven't taken to the uke. One thing is that I look forward to my meditation practice. I googled up a meditation timer with lovely chiming bells. The whole six, now seven minutes has become my way of praying. So different than the way I was taught my whole life.

One other thing, I'm trying to feel gratitude for getting older. After hearing about some recent cancer battles/health issues, I'm realizing what a privilege it is--aging, just like Yoko said.
Kale salad on the house

Today's lost bread frittata with guac. He asked me if I liked a lot of garlic. I said, yes.

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