Thursday, February 13, 2014

10 things from lara

last year's lace leggings & shoes, this year's favorite dress

1) i miss blogging with julie, but have had a hard time knowing how to pick it up again.

2) i own mostly black tights this winter.

laundry day--tights for five girls

3) in case you haven't heard, you may now address me as "dr. candland."

laura ricks made this beautiful, delicious chocolate ribbon cake for me after i finished my doctorate in december in literature & creative writing (poetry).

4) my favorite foods right now are: canned pears with cottage cheese, cinnamon toast, pero mochas, sushi rice topped with cheese: all supremely unsophisticated, requiring little to no prep, and sublimely simple.

5) my favorite morning activity right now is trying out every single hair-do on the uniqlo website on beautiful cecily.

one of the plethora of hair styles i've been trying out on my barbie-head cecily

6) lula is officially a better cook than i.

lula's spudnuts:  maple, green tea, coconut glzes with butterfinger, jimmies and coconut toppings

7) like julie, i'm practicing right now--practicing living my life more fully & in the present, even though my future is in flux at the moment.  (& then--one's future is always in flux, no?  whether one knows it or not, no?)

8) i want to learn to speak french and spanish fluently.  am i too old?

9) i'm reading middlemarch,  mary ruefle's madness, rack, and honey,  c.d. wright's steal away, and i finished john green's the fault in the stars  last night.

the wonderful, beautiful, mary lynn cutler sent this gorgeous thing to me a few days after i had an online melt down in front of her.  thanks, girl!

10) writing poetry every day again, and its finally starting to feel good again.  it's all about the practice, baby!


  1. I just read The Fault in Our Stars. What did you think? Now reading Flight Behavior (Barbara Kingsolver). Super mannered and self-conscious.

    1. mixed review on the john green book. annoying at times, but still an enjoyable book and some good, really good moments. i've never gotten barbara kingsolver. i'm sorry. i don't know why she doesn't speak to me.

  2. Middlemarch! and Ruefle! Actually, your whole reading list sounds excellent. Also, fyi, today for lunch I ate cottage cheese and cherry preserves with some flax seed thrown in for extra goodness, and man was it good. lovely to read a post from you, Dr. Candland.

    1. you always give me good ideas about good stuff to eat, lisa b.! thanks for your comment!