Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Practice: You'd Be Better Off Reading Lara's Recent Post Today

 Jicama salad, "Falafel Taco" on house made Masa pita, and fresh cucumber juice/ tarragon seltzer
The super sweet and gifted chef. He gave me a taste of his peanut brittle for the jicama salad.

First of all, I'm lucky Lara lets me blog with her. She kicks my butt every time she blogs her. I freely admit.

All I was gonna talk about was working on a story at my now favorite coffee shop. Photos from it here. They not only have coffee and my favorite brown rice tea, but they just recently installed a kitchen from which this chef (above on the right) is working these mini miracles.

I've eaten in award-winning restaurants with celeb chefs and this guy's food is as good or better. Plus, it's cheap. I recommend. If you come to NYC, ask me where.

Photo at the bottom is a performance artist not to far from the cafe. All the above photos are photos of health. This artist, Kathleen Ching, will try and take on your pain for six hours a day from a hospital bed wheeled into a gallery.

I guess that's it. Gotta practice my dumb instrument now.
My photo of the jicama salad the chef plopped in front of me for free today.
Kathleen Ching at Cuchifritos Gallery

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  1. i'm really intrigued by both the restaurant and the performance art. you do more cool things in a day than i do in a year.