Saturday, February 15, 2014

Practice: I'm Practicing!

Look at these enthusiastic NYU boys put together an almost perfect, classic snowperson in an illegal place! Gandhi could use some of the snowperson's bulk.  Or no?

Maybe Gandhi is just fine with the body he is.

I played the ukelele again tonight and I suck. I suck at meditating, too. Well, that's why I have to practice.

If you are in NYC, go see the graffiti show at the Museum of City of New York. It's one of the "pay what you want" museums in town. There's a Gilded Age show there, too--a look at 1870s NYC, a previous era of income inequality and grotesque Wolf of Wall St wealth flaunting. It was good to see that exhibit right before the graffiti show, full to bursting with exuberant, marginalized street artists.

I mean we saw their SKETCH BOOKS! Those kids PLANNED their graffiti before going to the wall with a spray can. Did you know?

(Second reference of "marginalized" on this blog this week. I guess those are my people.)

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