Thursday, February 13, 2014

Practice: Noticing the Marginalized Practicing Marginalized Modes

I bought some poems from this guy, who's been set up--all spread out--on the B'way/Lafayette subway platform for awhile. His name is Donald Green and he's giving me some info about himself in the photo above.

I need to read the stapled book I bought from him more carefully. The streets were terrible above ground--monster storm--and everyone was ignoring Donald Green. At first, I fished a dollar out of my wallet, which he put on a piece of wood. Eventually, the dollar blew off and I ran down the stairs to chase it. Pinned it with my umbrella and brought it back to him. Then I gave him some more money, which compelled him to fish around among his things for a stapled book.

I should have seen what else Donald Green needed right then. He was worried in the act of standing there that I'd caught his cold.

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