Friday, February 24, 2012

Becoming More Dandy

Patrick McDonald with Jimmy Webb from Trash and Vaudeville
I'm trying to write this while really hungry.  Trying to get the kids to go to a new veg place with me--a donation-only cafe embedded within a new yoga studio I have yet to try.  (We actually did go and those lovely hippie kids actually opened the cafe for us AFTER they had closed--don't spread this around.  And it was extremely delish.)

But yesterday, I took S to see the exhibit "The Dandy's New York" at Dorian Grey Gallery.  The entire exhibit is a photographer's tribute to her muse Patrick McDonald, who is featured in Bill Cunningham's doc we recently watched together.

He's a famous New York dandy in grand tradition of Beau Brummel.  Patrick is immaculate, hyper-stylized (especially his brows), and is always in a hat.  He has many.  The exhibit description is here:

Molua Muldown and multi‐media artist Lisa Pan reveal the authentic man behind New York’s celebrated and enigmatic dandy, Patrick McDonald. A series of environmental portrait photographs, mixed media collages and Patrick’s own poetry illustrate the East Village life and ethos of this unconventional artist. In this series, we look through the eyes of a man who has been described as a New York City living landmark and a walking work of art. Historically, New York City has been a haven for unique artists such as W. H. Auden, Quentin Crisp and Klaus Nomi. For over two decades, Patrick has been a muse and model for some of our most celebrated painters, photographers and illustrators. In our rapidly changing city, with it’s ever increasingly endangered environment for artists, Patrick’s uncompromising life simply inspires.

What was cool was on the day we visited, the photographer Molua Muldown was there, as well as Lisa Pan.  (Pan photographed S.'s tights while S. and I stood there.)

The artists, Lisa and Molua
Molua was patient and generous, especially given the fact I had so many questions, but I can't remember what I asked now--and I don't think any of my questions were very good.  But I do know she moved to NY from CA in 1982, about the time I moved to Provo.  The truth was, I was nervous to be facing the artists!  And didn't want to be buggy.

Lisa Pan wore a very cool Amelia Earhart vintage aviator cap.  Wish I had gotten a better pic!  The big takeaway--it was refreshing for once to encounter a male muse and a female artist(s).  Are there any other combos like this?

Another takeaway--I want to dress more interestingly this spring.  We'll see.

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  1. wow--i love those women. i recently saw a calendar of male poets (nude) called "the male muse." i wanna see stella's tights. and wanna know your plans for interesting dressing. i feel like i'm in a real rut with my outfits.