Saturday, February 25, 2012

preview & postview

you'll only get this if you grew up mo in the seventies


i'm reading the memoir of our upcoming guest blogger (appearing here on monday), kim gledhill, called seeing in the dark.  if ever there was a tight place, girl's seen it & lived it.  makes me ashamed of my petty complaints and maladies.  it's also inspiring.  so, stay tuned for her post here.  i can't wait.


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julie and i have an ongoing conversation about how hard the unstructured time of saturday is.  so far, i have two saturday rituals 1) morning yoga and 2) 3 provo bakery donuts for the kids:  bavarian creme, glazed, and chocolate sprinkle.  two saturdays in a row now we've gone swimming, so maybe that's becoming a thing.  i spent the afternoon reading kim gledhill's book in a path of sunlight while bammy took the two little kids to a movie and wendy's.    but still, a little gloom hung over us.  is it just february?

do other people loathe saturday?  or love it?  and what do they do?  i always imagine that they're getting nails done and massages and brunching and then going to the theatre followed by a midnight supper.  that's what most people do, no?

the voyeur in me really wants to know what your saturdays are like, and if you love or loathe them.

legwear:  bare, post swimming.
inspiration: all day i've been thinking about living life one second at a time.  it's been an interesting day because i've been thinking about breathing constantly.
looking forward:  to finishing kim's book.


  1. Love your post. As always. See you tomorrow xo Lorri

  2. I still need a good old-fashioned Sat ritual and I wish my kids were more into doughnuts cuz The Doughnut Plant's at the end of our street. Today, however, I had to be at work for five hours and then we had the gift of the car. So that was that. Still NEXT Saturday is only seven days away. So glad you're liking Kim's book!

  3. Saturday is generally one of the busiest days of the week. As a single professional, I have to spend most of the day trying to juggle work and those chores around the house that won't get done if I don't do them. Saturday is the day I wish I had a robot, a double, or a cabana boy.