Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Daily Doing of It

"Dotted Swiss" tights.  Hard to see the dots.
1.  I took the above tights picture with one hand, while going slowly on a bicycle, knowing I should be on the street but automobile traffic was downtown and I was going up.  Plus, in my bike basket was a laptop and swinging from the handle was a bunch of kale and a butternut squash from the farmer's market.  I looked extremely dorky, and I couldn't get comfortably close enough to show you the dots on these semi-sheer gray tights.  

2.  I took the bottom pair of tights after walking behind this person for awhile, fishing wildly in my bag.  Where was my phone?  By the time I got the picture, the tights had stepped into a salon.  

3.  Today was a great day for tights.  Unseasonably warm, everyone had on their most decorative pairs, plus their were tons of thin black ones, which is what I wore (with the red engineer boots I'm still trying to break in).  Paired with ballet flats, the black tights everywhere made the city feel very Parisian.

4.  Speaking of legs, this blog has started to feel like a marathon run, even after only a month.  And then I think about of page 176 of Jeffrey Eugenides' latest novel The Marriage Plot:

"That was the other thing that amazed Madeleine about MacGregor.  She'd been at Pilgrim Lake since 1947!  For thirty-five years she'd been expecting her corn with Mendelian patience, receiving no encouragement or feedback on her work, just showing up every day, involved in her own process of discovery, forgotten by the world and not caring.  And now, finally, this, the Nobel, the vindication of her life's work, and though she seemed pleased enough, you could see it hadn't been the Prize she was after at all.  MacGregor's reward had been the work itself, the daily doing of it, the achievement made of a million unremarkable days."

Sheer tights with blue velvet bands


  1. i have a request: a picture of you in your red engineer boots. and yes! the daily doing of it is the thing. i'm utterly convinced of that now.

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