Sunday, February 19, 2012

Shrouded Legs

All weekend, I've been overwhelmed.  I'm thinking of Lara's post about feeling submerged, but it's not a pleasant, aesthetic submergence.  It's that I feel like I can't keep up with my obligations.  I'm doing just what's required, but not much more, which makes me feel ineffectual.

Revising the list from the other day:

1.  I still have those papers to grade.
2.  I still need to write the letter in the cafe.
3.  Sick kid, so cannot go to The Waldos.
4.  Spouse at funeral out of state so cannot leave kids.

All of this is relatively minor, yes?  But I can't shake the feeling of having my legs shrouded:  my strides are shorter, and I might trip a little, like the wearer of the skirt above.

I hadn't seen such a long skirt in a long time.  She looks great, doesn't she?  But is she walking great?  I can't see her tights!

I'm glad Lara's co-blogging with me, because I'm definitely the weak link here.  I'm directing my scant handful of dear readers to her soulful and smart posts.

The photo below has nothing to do with this post does it?  It's off two paintings of Patricia Field behind the glass of the Patricia Field store.  Patricia Field's had a downtown shop since the '80s at least.  I remember buying a pleated acetate black goth cheerleader skirt from her 8th Street shop in 1989, and she did all the styling for Sex and the City.  Look how unfettered she looks in these paintings.  Do I wish I were her sometimes?  Maybe.

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