Friday, February 10, 2012

inspiration is slow in coming & the baroness

my favorite baroness schraeder dress

but to inspire means just to breathe in, right?

so i just took a breath just now

& another one

& no ideas came.

just a tiny clear space with a big mountain sitting right in the middle of it

so i can't see a horizon line at all.

i have no ideas

only plans to:

1) do something to make girl art more prevalent.  watch this, read this, and read this.

2) plaster bright pink "sexual assault prevention tips guaranteed to work" along the provo river trail.  still pissed.

3) order copy of body sweats by the baroness von freytag-loringhoven from mit press. (it's on my exam list).

and some questions:

what is the baroness schraeder's best line and best dress in s.o.m.?

what do you do to facilitate the making, promotion, and notoriety of lady art?

inspiration:  becoming more baroness.

legwear:  jeans that i picked up off the floor next to my bed this morning.  same ones as yesterday.  no s.o.l.e. today.

looking forward:  yoga with dean, dinner date.


  1. The Baroness gets a bad rap, but she is so gracious in the end, no? Of course, her best line is about shipping the kids off to boarding school. Should I click on the links to see what becoming "more Baroness" would entail?

  2. definitely click out the baroness von freytag loringhaven.

  3. I love that sparkly red thing she wears when she says, "I should marry someone who needs me desperately. Or at least who needs my money desperately." I would totally pay a moderate fee to for service that would ensure I could wear that for every single romantic rejection for the rest of my life.

    1. i forgot about that red dress. and the line you reminded me of from that very scene: "somewhere out there is a girl who. . . i think will never be a nun."