Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fashion Want for Fall '12: An Invisibility Cloak--at Least at Lincoln Center

I once heard Lincoln Center--the plaza and its buildings which include the Met, Avery Fisher Hall, the NYC Ballet Theater, Juilliard, etc--described as something Mussolini would order over the phone.  The entire complex gives me an--er--complex with its stark, fascist feel.  In general, it's very unwelcoming, totally beige, exposed and all concrete, so I've regretted New York Fashion's Week move up there from Bryant Park, which, situated behind the landmark New York Public Library, made for cozy high fashion lingering with its walk ways,  permanently installed Parisian cafe tables, and mature trees.

More important, it was so much easier to gawk at Bryant Park, to get up close to a gaggle of fashion industry types in their teetering heels, and snap photos for my previous blog.

This is the second season I've visited Lincoln Center during Fashion Week, and the difference in the tone of the scene outside is marked.  (I actually attended a show in the Bryant Park tents in Feb '99.)  The plazas are either too hot or too cold, so instead of lingering, attendees rush into the building pictured below, unless they are stopped by photographers or reporters.  I'm always there to see and not be seen.  In fact, I have no footwear that even comes close to competing with the de rigueur FW footwear, so I slink around, wishing my dorkiness was covered with a dorky invisibility cloak.

So imagine my surprise when I was approached by a lovely and fashionable woman with a microphone--half my age--in open work white tights that I'd already noticed from afar (relatively speaking).  I thought she wanted directions, because I'm good at them.  But NO!  She wanted to interview me for DNAinfo about the crocheted head scarf I had pulled from the bottom of the winter accessories basket this morning.  And she wanted to talk about how I had paired it (inadvertently) with my mustard-colored scarf with the holes in it.  And since the interview would be on camera, I have to say I was wearing my dirty Brooklyn Industries coat I'm totally sick of, but the best accessory was over my shoulder:  a Trader Joe's bag full of very unfashionable food.

She had me say my name and spell it.

She asked me about my head scarf first:  Could I tell her about it?

Me:   Well, my grandmother made it from a magazine photo my sister brought her.

Her:  It's kind of Audrey Hepburnesque

Me:  But more rustic, maybe?  Like a Russian peasant?  [I have no idea why I wanted to take move the association off of Audrey Hepburn.]

Her:  And then you've paired it with this scarf?

Me:  Yeah, it's just warm.  [Laughs nervously]

Her:  What do you think scarves do?

Me:  [My mind racing wildly.]  Um, they add accent?  Um, dimension?  [WHAT?]

Her:  What else?

Me:  [I tried to think of something else to say but warmth.]  Warmth?

Her:  Do you think they're only for the winter or for summer months, too?

Me:  I wear scarves all year around.  They're helpful for air conditioning!

And then I said something about them being "the poor girls' jewelry."

Her:  How old are you?

Me:  [I can't believe I told her the truth!]

I then scurried off, thrilled about having something to blog about tonight, but regretful that I was such an awkward interviewee and so ill-prepared to be on camera or photographed in any capacity.   And I'm weak with relief that my interview was mercifully cut from today's DNAinfo scarf segment.  Although I am quoted here.

(P.S.  Just went back and looked and I AM IN the video for a few brief seconds.  They even included the spin they instructed me to do.  Ugh.  Someone stop me!)

See how fashion makes one terribly neurotic and ultimately, a little melancholy?  I'm trying to make that work for me this season.

A temporary structure that looks permanent, and like something Peter Gelb would design.
If you can't go this high, don't show up.

This interviewee wears the towering footwear required of NYFW.

Pretty tights on the interviewer!  Not everyone can pull off white.
The interviewer, Della Hasselle, with her scarf.

Spotted him on the way uptown.  We were headed to the same place!


  1. you are so not dorky! and i saw your segment, so did it get cut later? and i thought you were hilarious and refreshing and much more articulate than the other interviewees, and i loved your little spin for the camera.

    1. You SAW it?? When? Thankfully, it was ultimately cut! I was hilarious???? They showed my SPIN??

  2. Julie, are you kidding me?! You totally OWNED that interview! And I love the scarf! And I love the towering white footwear too, in your photo ... Must look for something like those online one of these days ....

  3. julie, look at this:

  4. JT
    Your interview was AWESOME and your scarf was the chicest and most original in my opinion
    'Poor girls jewelry' WTF ? I LOOOOVED THAT

    watch out lauren santo domingo - HERE COMES JULIE T !!