Tuesday, February 28, 2012

what's your sign? permission to whine

today's inspiration comes from my favorite astrologist, rob breszny.  you might want to get on his email list if you're not already, because his forecasts are very centering and persepctive-bringing (also funny).

this week's forecast for cancers (that's me--a crab) resonated with one of the objectives we have in mind for our blog:  re-purposing our tight places into open, good, and grateful places.  & for me, jolting myself into understanding that really, i have very few actual tight places.

in other words,

it's all good.

here's what brezsny says, and i think it goes along with what julie and i wrote in our tight places tab:

CANCER (June 21-July 22): Astrologer Antero Alli theorizes that the
placement of the sign Cancer in a person's chart may indicate what he or
she tends to whine about. In his own chart, he says, Cancer rules his ninth
house, so he whines about obsolete beliefs and bad education and stale
dogmas that cause people to shun firsthand experience as a source of
authority. I hereby declare these issues to be supremely honorable
reasons for you to whine in the coming week. You also have cosmic
permission to complain vociferously about the following: injustices
perpetrated by small-minded people; short-sighted thinking that ignores
the big picture; and greedy self-interest that disdains the future. On the
other hand, you don't have clearance to whine about crying babies, rude
clerks, or traffic jams.

what can we legitimately complain about?

this question has been a guiding & abiding theme for me so far (as an inveterate complainer and whiner) this year, and i'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter.


i hereby grant you permission to whine about holey, pill-y, stretched out old tights that are past their prime, and then to stop whining and do something about it by entering our tights giveaway.  last day to enter is march 2nd.  do some thing nice for yourself!


  1. Everything! IMHO you just gotta balance it out with some thanks-giving and just plain living.

  2. Is that Dolly?! I was listening to that last night on my coooooold run and it made me happy and weepy. So good!