Friday, February 10, 2012

Sending You to Zucker Bakery is Today's Good Deed

Next time you're in NY's East Village please visit Zucker Bakery, a brand new bakery/cafe on East 9th Street owned by a woman with long dark hair (the fabulously named Zohar Zohar) who ran out when I was sitting there this morning and came back in with an armful of fresh flowers for the three tables.

See how lovely this place is already?

Also, she didn't seem to care that my laptop was mucking up the visuals of her small, lovely space.  I've never seen anyone pull off a doily so well--not even my dear departed grandmother. (Sorry, Helen!)  She even provides outlets for computer users, which is rarer than you might think.

She played Prince and REM.

And look at the stunning tea service I was given and the food?  Well, read the cut and paste (below) from their website linked (above).  (I can't remember what the food in my photo was called, but it's the only savory thing on the menu right now.)  Lara, won't you come with me when you visit?:

Established in 2011, [Zucker Bakery] owner and chef Zohar Zohar took a long break from the kitchen and the ovens to raise her sweet kids--after working for many years in top NYC restaurants for famous chefs, Daniel Boulud, David Bouley and friend pastry chef Johnny Luzzini, who also inspired her deserts and style. In her new venture Zucker Bakery – a family owned home-style bakery and coffee shop – Zohar bakes her one-of-a-kind cookies and sticky buns known as Roses. Mrs. Zohar’s baking is influenced by her Israeli family and friends of European and Moroccan backgrounds.

I also love how the website mentions that she's a girl like me trying to get back in the game.  I'm going to do what I can in my own humble way to help her do it.

The one con?  The bathroom is behind the counter, and I always feel a little bad about asking to use it.

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