Thursday, February 9, 2012

bjork luv

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i know some people have an issue with bjork, but i love her.  she's daring, adventuresome, smart, an aesthetic risk-taker, a creative thinker, and an awesome singer and writer.

more importantly, her star scape tights in these clips are beyond fantastic.  i also adore her dress in the interview.  i adore the choir in the song clip.

and, if i had any istuff at all, i would for sure get this album.

does anyone remember her when she was with the sugarcubes?  that was a favorite band of mine back in the day. "birthday",  posted below, is a classic, in my book.

inspiration:  risk takers

legwear:  dark blue skinny jeans (with taupe lacy slip dress, just in case you think my frequent wearing of jeans is boring.)

looking forward: to my ny fashion icon co-blogger julie's post tonight.  she's a celeb today, so don't miss her post & the chance to see her interviewed about her scarves on ny tv!!!!!!!!!

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