Wednesday, February 29, 2012

a leap

some of the most enormous decisions in my life have been made in an instant:  to get married, have a child, to start a guerrilla chamber opera company, to move across the country, to start this blog with julie, impulsively, on new year's eve of 2011.  but most of these big, fast decisions have been made with c., as i suppose it's less scary to take a big leap with another person.

those were all decisions i never second guessed.  i didn't mull, didn't weigh, didn't overthink, didn't deliberate--just jumped.  all of those decisions were good.  and i knew they were.  i didn't have to think--i let my intuition take over.

good decisions, all, true, but each has turned out to be more complex and challenging than i could have possibly imagined in such a brief moment of saying "yes."

& maybe i've become a bit more cautious as the years have passed

& maybe that's a bad thing.

here's to acting a little more impulsively, a little more intuitively, to taking some bigger leaps like that creepy little jack and his over-sized candle.

(& here's to someone telling me some stuff about their own leaps.  i need the inspiration.)

legwear:  yoga pants all day :(

inspiration:  impulsivity

looking forward to:  a good night's sleep

p.s.  take the leap and help us celebrate two months of girls in a tight place by leaving a comment on our tights giveaway, and maybe even becoming a follower.  we heart you!!!!!  & we want your legs to be cute and warm.

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