Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dear Lara,

I am barely getting a blog post in because I spent most of the day with your husband and daughter and brother-in-law.  I met C at the MoMA, and C and I walked haphazardly around and found E.  Then we left for Central Park where I bought a pretzel, and then we made our way up to Poet's Walk.  We sat for awhile and then left the park.  C. bought a cupcake at Magnolia Bakery that he and E. shared, and then we looked at the temple and hung out in the spacious lobby of the new Alice Tully Hall where E. was given a free coffee.  Then we walked back to where C and brother in law were staying.  E. read more (for reading was what she was doing at MoMA).  This is when I pointed out that C had many friend requests and Fb notifications.  Your bil finally showed up.  I found him very easy to talk to.  Then we took a cab to a Dominican restaurant Eva knew about, and I got this big molded plantain casserole with black beans.  E's roommate had joined us.  We all split a flan and a tres leches cake.  Then we walked all the way down Broadway, remarked that Peter Frampton's show at the Beacon was sold out as we walked passed, gawked at your old apartment from 1989, and then stopped in at Fairway, where E.'s roommate finally found her brewer's yeast.

Blocks later, we were almost back at the apt, and that's when I peeled off and made my way home to the other end of the island:  a train, a bus, a long walk.

S. wants me to tell you how few people live in North Dakota.



P.S. I feel I haven't made this sound exciting, but it was really fun.  It was one of those days where you land in all of the right places and there is pleasure in all of those spaces.  I also forgot how funny C. is.


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  1. dear jt,

    thanks sooooo much for the update. it's more detail than i could get from c. in ten years. tell s. i think she's awesome. i miss dominican food! xxoo, l
    p.s. i'm glad you think c is funny. i think he's hysterical & he still makes me laugh after all these yrs.