Sunday, February 12, 2012

Stripes (Took My Eyes off Tights)

Walking swiftly east on First Street this morning, not quite eleven o' clock, I saw culinary congregants waiting to get seated in Prune (which Lara has blogged about. It's also where I met her and C for brunch once about eight years ago during one of their NY visits.  And I'm pretty sure Prune's mentioned in one of Lara's posts here).

Well, Prune is still here and still popular in a town where restaurants often die fast and hard. This morning,  in 20-something degrees, I'd guess the wait was 45 minutes for coddled eggs.

Someday (soon!--just putting that out there) I will be out of my tight place and I will go there again.

In the meantime, I feasted my eyes on the coats of the women on the waiting list.  (And don't you want some ombre hair at this point in the winter?)

 Tights on deck for this week: Hot pink, which I will wear on Tuesday.

Inspiration: Decorative winter coats.

 Afternoon baking: A full pan of banana bread with agave syrup for our dinner guests.


  1. first of all, make sure you take pics of your hot pink tights. second of all, i love that striped coat. thirdly, is the reverse ombre hair in now? and fourthly, i really wanna go to prune again some day.

  2. Oh Julie! I just read Hamilton's memoir with my food class. I would love so much to go to Prune. Nest time I'm in the city it's on me, if you'll be my date.