Thursday, January 23, 2014

Inspiration: NYC Rock and Roll or I'll Stay Home When I'm Dead

Didn't take this one, but I'm off Fb currently and have nowhere to upload my phone photos to.

Well, I tried and failed  to see music tonight.  At the last minute, I ran into the 12-degree night with hopes of seeing a show I'd known about for a month: Legendary CBGBs-era band The Dictators playing on the occasion of their lead singer's 60th birthday.  Internationally known punk legend (ha! fun to write), Handsome Dick Manitoba, owns a bar on Ave B, and when my kid was a baby in the stroller, he used to stop us to admire her.  So nice! Years after this, I'd see from time to time tossing a ball with his own kid in Tompkins Square Park.  Good rock star, good dad.

When I got to the Bowery Electric (which, btw, is an excellent replacement for the defunct CBGB--and who wants to come with me sometime?), I learned the show was SOLD OUT.  I usually get my BE tix in advance.  Don't know why I balked on this one.  It was some consolation to note that at 9:30 only one of the four bands had played.  And you know, I do eventually tire. Sigh.  Still, I walked around the upstairs area for a few minutes, warming up and listening to Bowie's "Diamond Dogs" on BE's most excellent sound system.

Here's Handsome Dick and the Dictators from 1981, when I was living a very parallel life in my low desert high school and had never been east of Arizona.

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