Thursday, January 9, 2014

Inspiration: Heavy Metal Still Life

This little tart had carmelized onions, carmelized Brussels sprouts and squash.  This is my first time with this little tart at this cafe, which usually has almost nothing one could use for a small dinner.

Although I'm told there will be more.

That cap there I wear all the time, especially in this weather.   The hat's not from here.  The Heavy Metal Shop is in Salt Lake City.  It's owned by a good person.  You should shop there.

What I've been doing with my days and some of my nights in this downtime between semesters is working on stories--working towards a couple of fun-to-consider deadlines.  I'm not ashamed to say that heavy metal is important in many of my stories, especially today's story, which was written in 2012--it's still a toddler!--and pulled it out and have been revising for weeks.  I think tonight I figured this story out.

Not sure.

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