Saturday, January 18, 2014

Inspiration: Leaving the "House"--(actually, apartment)

Late, agonizing start, but I made my way to a new cafe I'd been avoiding for no good reason, especially after finding out that outlets abound there.  Like a dizzying array of outlets.  Why had I been ignoring their outlets?  Another plus, beautiful, generous cups.  The photo I took of mine would not upload.  Look for it later!

Later, I realized there was an art opening I indicated on Fb I was going to attend . . . and I actually attended!  I knew one of the artists, so it was fun to go up to the artist and say, "Hi!"

Okay, this month I'm working towards a late Jan deadline.  Some story submissions.  I really need to focus.  Putting that out there.
Hey, Kate Moss just turned 40!
The photographer 

Mónika Sziládi

whose work I saw tonight at Smack Mellon

My friend Rob Hickman made this long, mirrored pyramid panel

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