Sunday, January 26, 2014

Inspiration: Upstate Farmers Traveling Downstate to Stand Outside in 18 Degrees

Waiting to be fed.
Suddenly, we found ourselves without offspring to care for for a large chunk of today, so we had the bright and novel idea to go to brunch, which we never, ever, ever do.  So we set off, and two hours and literally, 14 places later (no exaggeration), we found ourselves at a restaurant that would have us, so ravenous that I actually ordered, for starters, this strange house made cinnamon roll thingy stuffed with pork flesh.  (Technically, from the menu, "pork sticky rolls with parsnip glaze.")

An excellent choice for a vegetarian.

We discovered that brunch is this wildly popular activity among our fellow New Yorkers, so much so that the wait at most places is from 30-45 minutes to even an hour.  Or more.  Literally 14 places we checked in on (we made a list and counted)--and it was 18 degrees.

Inspiration today comes from our local farmer's markets.  The markets here are year round and outdoors.  Radishes still sell in 18 degrees.  I bought apples and onions and the gal below was so happy that customers came.  She'd been standing out there since 8:00 am.

Later, I saw this saw player, who explained to me how she'd fashioned her leather shrug.

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