Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Inspiration: Artists and Rockers Well Over 50

Steve Earle plays "All Tomorrow's Parties" for Lenny Kaye
Here's who I snapped photos of when I was supposed to be concentrating on the table full of chapbooks and paperback poetry tonight at the 40th anniversary of the annual New Year's Day marathon reading at St. Mark's Church.
Patti's letting the gray come in.  It looks good.  Also, combat boots.
Tonight I told Steve Earle I'd keep an eye on his guitar.  And then I couldn't stop staring at Patti Smith and then her guitarist, Lenny Kaye, tuning his guitar right in front of these books.  

I told 63-year-old Penny Arcade I loved her in The Mutilated as I was coming out of a bathroom stall.  

The kid at Mud Cafe put cayenne pepper in my tea after learning I had a sore throat.  Thanks, kid.

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