Sunday, January 12, 2014

Inspiration: Witch Camp, OMG!

At one point, Isis on the left took me in a long, cooing embrace--with a plastic horse pressed into my back.
Just returned from some truly inspired, intelligent and hilarious, mildly interactive super off-Broadway theater:  Witch Camp, part of the Special Effects festival. In January, this town is lousy with little stage fests.

That music stand is upside down from the vibrations of the two Isis Blacks' rousing performance of Zepp's "The Battle of Evermore, during with Isis on the left struck poses with a large carving knife.  Music slid from the stand to the floor.  Plus, Justin Vivian Bond was tucked in the back of the audience.

The video below's from the Witch Camp Fb page, not from tonight's performance (I snuck several photos, like the one above), but will give you an idea. I haven't listened yet. It make take hours to come down from my Witch Camp high.

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