Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Inspiration: Deadline and Pete

Yes, today I'm inspired by tomorrow's grant app deadline.  Don't wanna say too much about it, but since Wed is my "day off" I spent the entire day "on," finalizing all the grant stuff I've been writing and revising for practically this entire month.  Like our extreme cold, I've been finding deadlines super invigorating.

I spent the day at the cafe next to the above sandwich board.

RIP Pete Seegar.  I'm more of a rock girl, but the time I attended a live, outdoor Pete Seegar performance I was so totally moved, I cried throughout, especially during Pete's rendition of Woody's song.  For Pete, the entire show seemed more about building a community from the assembled audience than it was about him as an entertainer.  That's what got me.  How important and vital it is for human beings to sing together, yes?  What power there is in that. (Plus, Pete was around 89/90 years old I saw him and stood at the mic so statuesque, like a man in his prime.)

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