Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Inspiration: Dirty Espresso Cup and Showgirls! The Musical

I happened upon this dirty espresso cup in its contrasting saucer and instead of turning away from it--or merely bussing it myself, I drew it closer to me.  Because it's really lovely, right?

Then I wandered around the rest of this bookstore I'd dropped in at after work.  Everything here used, like the cup, volunteer run--all profits benefitting people living with AIDS.  It's a good place.

Later, I ran out into 18 degrees and met my friend at Showgirls! The Musical.  YES, THAT SHOWGIRLS!  Has it been 18 years already?  Now that you've seen the movie (I hadn't, so I didn't get a lot of the squeals of laughter when dialogue was quoted verbatim), you must watch the musical.

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