Monday, January 13, 2014

Inspiration: Taking Pictures with My Dumb Phone Everyday

Dinner tonight from a Sikh-run take-out.  Cheap, tasty Indian food whipped up in this tiny step-down joint.
So I'm trying to get a big thing done this month: a fellowship application with a end-Jan deadline.

And I'm going to boldly say in front of Goddess and everyone (in uncharacteristic style):  I really, really want this.  They give out nine a year.  So I'm trying to make a story good enough to submit. With parallel grammatical construction like the one of the first two sentences of this post, I can't lose!
I wonder if the millennials in this cafe are tiring of my lumbering middle-aged body, taking up space.

Who cares?  Look under the dome!--you can barely see the fresh gingery jam danishes imported from this cafe's mothership, Goat Town

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