Friday, January 24, 2014

Inspiration: Sign, Lights, Bruce's Butt

When TVs didn't have to be "color."  One of the best signs in my neighborhood.  Don't ever change, sign.

Well, I spent nearly the entire day standing in the same spot revising the same story.  I even removed myself from Fb in order to concentrate on this story.  I was so focussed on this story, in fact, that I forgot to take a walk down and look at AndrewAndrew in their dj booth this morning.  They were right there near the above Gringer sign.

Today was my last chance to go look at AndrewAndrew for awhile.  As of next week, I swing into a almost a full work week for the next several months.  More hours I've had in awhile.  A good thing.

So this story is now 20 pages.  The chance that anyone in the world but me will read it is very, very slim.  And knowing that and knowing that I can't stop writing and revising--even in a vacuum--is a slightly freaky.
This was from writing on Thursday.  I was annoyed by this fellow talking on his hands-free device,
but when I discerned he was speaking French, I wanted him to talk louder.

This is where I revised.  Bruce, you care, right?


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