Saturday, July 14, 2012

a break/through?

ingrid's key lime pie, garnished by anna
i was lamenting to julie about last week's boredom.  no drilling company, shakespeare in the parking lot, no plethora of coffee shops, no unbelievable numbers of creative music concerts or experimental theatre festivals here, like julie turley has in just a ten block radius from her apartment.

but then i somehow got to a place where i could chill and enjoy what i have right now a little better and have had a fantastic weekend so far.

we spent the day up in woodland, utah with my cousin brent touring his farm, where last year they won first place in the world cheese competition for their smoked cheddar.  we canoed, collected eggs, rode the atvs and ate a ton of fantastic & truly artisinal cheeses.  i'll write in more detail about that later.

steven's scarf as tie look at provo bicycle collective

last night was a cool evening at the provo bicycle collective, followed by ingrid's amazing key lime pie.

tonight lalage plays in salt lake city.  wish julie turley could be there.

tomorrow is ingrid's birthday, and there's so much crazy baking going on at our house.  lula just made meringues, ingrid has half-made a coconut creme pie, and she requested some lemon curd strawberry cupcakes for her 20th birthday tomorrow.  i'm not sure what those cupcakes will entail exactly, but i'll figure it out.  ingrid told me last night, that, as she only has six weeks left with a kitchen before returning to bryn mawr,  she has decided to carpe diem, or as she sad it, "carpe kitchen."  thus her baking mania was born.  which is cool with me.  a little messy and a little pricey, but fun.  and pretty, and delicious.

so, more details to come.  i've had an unexpectedly busy weekend.

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  1. What a great weekend! I'm totally jealous of all the activity in your kitchen and the fact that you have a kitchen that is separate from other rooms in your house. Yeah for July birthdays!!