Thursday, July 5, 2012


we get to celebrate this beautiful sister's marriage tonight
today i'll be running around like a chicken with her head loose getting ready for my sister's wedding reception tonight.

how i love having four sisters. i always feel sorry for girls without sisters.  that would be a really tight place. i can't imagine not having that handful of people who absolutely get it, and who will always have your back.

so glad we'll all be together tonight.

here's one of my favorite poets, lucille clifton, who we lost in 2010, on her sister:


by Lucille Clifton
for elaine philip on her birthday
me and you be sisters.
we be the same.
me and you
coming from the same place.
me and you
be greasing our legs
touching up our edges.
me and you
be scared of rats
be stepping on roaches.
me and you
come running high down purdy street one time
and mama laugh and shake her head at
me and you.
me and you
got babies
got thirty-five
got black
let our hair go back
be loving ourselves
be loving ourselves
be sisters.
only where you sing
i poet.

inspiration:  kristin, hilary, katie, and valorie

looking forward to: a hot wedding band, beautiful dresses, strawberries and cream

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