Tuesday, July 10, 2012

quantification & a shrine

shrine under construction:  a stem of fresia, a tiny bowl of water,  ashley mae hoiland's mormon sisters watercolor, crystal necklace from grandma eva in her glass & mirror box, hand written letter from grandma beth with her mother's sewing card.  what does one put in a shrine?  i need candles.

it's nice sometimes to put a number on things. 

1 new poem edited

12 manuscripts submitted

5 loads of laundry washed and dried, not folded

4 one-dollar tickets to the pirates (so good!  darwin a main character.  very funny & entertaining.)

1 shrine under construction/ assemblage (what's in your shrine?)

really hot day supper.  the simplicity of black beans and white rice.
1 pot of black beans, 1 pot of rice, 1 plate of cold vegetables, 6 fresh sparkling limeades (2 fingers of fresh lime juice to 8 oz. cherry 7-up)

17 emails responded to for online class

1 kitchen cleaned

4 poems from my emily dickinson-inspired manuscript edited

3 morning pages written

1 violin lesson chaperoned

1 kid dropped at lifeguarding camp

1 kid dropped at summer adventure camp

4 hours of very languid micro bursts of work through a 100 degree afternoon

2 kids dropped at yoga

1 kid's travel arrangements made for visit to cousins' house next week

1 package of peanut butter m&m's consumed

sparkling fresh limeade

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