Tuesday, July 17, 2012

before summer ends to-do list

provo experimental music night.  
i just started planning classes for fall, which made me realize i have only about a month of summer break left.  we've done some fun things this year.  nothing major, but lots of little things and lots of festivities with family and friends.

lalage at an experimental music night in slc last saturday.  ingrid called my outfit "miss vampisham."  i said yes to this gig though i really wanted to stay home.  i'm practicing "yes" more.
because of doing the artist's way, i've been trying to live more. . . festively.  to not limit what i do so much, so i've been saying yes to a lot of things, and trying to get out of my natural introverted state and out of the house more.

anna's new shoes right after a summer rain storm at provo bicycle collective.
here's what i want to do before summer ends and ingrid returns to college:

1.  hike mt. timpanogas.

2. go tubing on the provo river.

3.  road trip to southern utah.

4. fancy back yard italian dinner with candles.

5.  grill more corn and peaches.

6. buy a new pioneer bonnet.

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  1. The photos of you here are soooo great! I tried to photograph myself for the blog and deleted every single one of them, and then felt compelled to ask the nearest person, is that how I really look in real life. Sigh. I totally think you should have that outdoor candlelight dinner. Very Euro! And we still have the pioneer bonnets we bought at the Pioneer Museum! How was your gig at that Kaffienated cafe???