Thursday, July 12, 2012

continuing birthday bliss

signed copy of life on mars arrived in the mail from julie.  cake bites hand delivered by heather.  my kids were trying to sneak nibbles of them all day.

yesterday and today i received a few more birthday blisses from some friends who know me oh, so well.  so fun to have a little birthday aftermath.

thrifted calvin klein pumps arrived in the mail today from marni, who always finds my favorite shoes at value village, seattle.  can i wear them with tights this fall, julie?

now i'm off to make cold, crisp french salad for dinner, and maybe i'll tell you about french salad tomorrow.

silk oscar de la renta scarf from marni.  i feel so fancy in it.

then to moonrise kingdom with c., since both of his weekend nights are taken up with gigs this week & it's pretty much too hot to stay home tonight.


  1. What synchronicity! I took a photo of a book for my post tonight AND I just got back from the park where they were about the show Wes Anderson's The Fantastic Mr. Fox AND I was TODAY just telling a friend how I want to see Moonrise Kingdom. Sadly, no pumps came in the mail today, and yes you should wear contrasting tights with those in the fall.

  2. and I'm glad the book arrived unmarred given the fact the packing was so makeshift.