Tuesday, July 3, 2012

knotty not reading

as per my artist's way instructions, i'm on a reading deprivation fast this week.  i modified it to 1 p.m. until 5 a.m. every day to allow me to do my daily blog post and to teach my online class every day.  i'm including using my computer in the reading fast, because the artist's way was written in pre-laptop and mobile device times, and i think devices are even more of a distraction for me than reading.

i really thought i wouldn't be able to do it, but it feels pretty good.  maybe next time i'll try a full-on 24 hour-a-day week long fast.

i think the point is that you are more in your life, more in the present, more in tune with the world when you experience reading deprivation, and cameron says that artists are addicted to reading.  the first day, yesterday was really interesting and actually really peaceful and centered for me, though i kept reaching for books, magazines, computers, etc. throughout the day.  here's what i did instead of reading yesterday:

1) picked apricots from suzanne's tree with cecily and moses.

2) yoga.

3) picnic in southfork canyon.

4) watched lena dunham's tiny furniture* with ingrid whist eating see's chocolates, a gift from my really thoughtful sister kristin, who is staying with us this week.

5) hung out with adorable nieces and nephews.

6) shopped for and purchased a birthday dress.

*this might be my new favorite movie, and julie you should definitely see it.  it reminds me a little of woody allen, sans creepiness, and from a totally female perspective.  it's got the dialogue that feels a little bit improvised and the sort of neurotic character and the cool manhattan interiors and characters. and some other stuff.  i should write a more detailed review, but i'm not in the mood today.

looking forward: to today's family reunion in midway.

inspiration:  actually, for real, just sitting and doing nothing for even a few moments at a time.  weird.

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