Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Space Meant for One

I actually don't feel like reporting on anything at all today, except for the fact that after work I decided to stop at Bowery Coffee and get the iced white peony tea and the last blueberry cake doughnut imported from the Doughnut Plant.  I have to admit--I've become a little obsessed with this doughnut.

So I tried to make it last a long time.  I wrote in a notebook.  I took up space meant for one.

Later, I went to Pushcart Coffee with my computer and worked on my "Everyday Fiction" pieces that I wrote a year ago this month.  Lara, I regarded the pieces carefully and I cut stuff.

The fact that I'd eaten a blueberry doughnut earlier meant that I felt like I could not order ice cream when I took my kid to Il Laboratorio del Gelato later.  (The words "kiwi/plum sorbet cone" were on the tip of my tongue, but I let them disappear.)

It's beautiful in the city right now, '80s and sunny and breezy, and I haven't thought about TomKat in a good 12 hours.  Omg, please don't let me google them again.

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  1. i'm mad we didn't get to cafe write together, too. & mad that the gelato place closed right when we got there. both of those things merit their own trip to ny.