Thursday, July 12, 2012

summer dinners

ingrid making grilled peaches in a vintage apron
tonight we grilled on the patio: burgers, portabellos, & peaches (inspired by this recipe & joy the baker--heart her) and ate them with cole slaw and sweet potato salad.  it's been 103 degrees out, both yesterday and today. here's a list of meal ideas i hand- wrote and put up on the fridge at the beginning of summer, knowing i would be feeding a lot of people during june, july, & august.

too hot to eat inside
not all of these ideas are summery.  some of them are just stock ideas, traditional home cooking that i grew up with, like pot roast and chicken n' dumplings, two meals that my non-vegetarian kids love.  some of them are things i may or may not actually get around to making (soup dumplings!  many, many steps and ingredients, but so delicious!) and some are things i really want to try.

peaches dipped in raw sugar & grilled, filled with honey flavored marscapone garnished with fresh basil
i've been consulting the list this week for meals that don't use a lot of heat to prepare.  any more ideas or inspiration out there?  here's my list:

*slow-cooker bbq
*tofu pad thai
*soup dumplings with
   chinese green beans
*spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce
*mole enchiladas
*kale & chorizo soup
*watermelon avocado salad


*spaghetti & meatballs
*wild mushroom lasagne
*salmon with pernod (alice style)
*chicken marbella
*thai curry with tofu
*roast chicken
*vegetable lasagne
*fettucine alfredo
*pasta pesto salad
*farro salad

i don't know what to say.

*black beans & rice
*french salad with deviled eggs
*grilled cheese with homemade
   sweet potato chips
*taco salad
*zucchini tacos
*grilled zucchini sandwiches
   (a la communal)
*steak strips & tomatoes
*chicken n' dumplings
*fig stuffed pork tenderloin
*pork chop
*fritto misto

i'm going crazy with the grilled peach photos.  but how can i help it?

*french lentil salad
*shrimp curry
*lentil dal with raita
*homemade mac n' cheese
*lettuce cups & rice
*bok choy/shitake mushroom night
*wedge salad
*poached eggs with asparagus & prosciutto
*ketchup chicken
*pot roast
*homemade pizza
*white castle style burgers
   and home fries
*brown rice & vegetables
*melon wrapped in prosciutto


  1. Thanks for the list! It rivals any made by Mark Bittman. Grilled peaches sound amazing and we have a tub of marscapone cheese in the fridge, but I wonder if the community grill that everyone in our building shares would be too gross for a delicate peach? Also, what did you put in your sweet potato salad? I just made a big soba noodle salad last night, speaking of hot weather and salad. Ok, I'll stop now.

    1. i figure grills can be less hygenic since there's a fire under them. something i just like to tell myself. . . . but really, we cooked burgers then really scrubbed the grill with the iron brush over a high flame and it seemed very clean to me. . . i say go for it.

  2. You are killing me with the gorgeous peach photos. I could live on peaches this time of year.

    How about ceviche? Oh, how I love the stuff, and it's perfect for easy, heat-free summer dining (although it is first and foremost our New Year's Day meal).

    1. ceviche! i was just thinking about it this morning. what synchronicity. i guess i'd better make some soon, then.